Asset Management

compassTCAM monitors and reports on operations and trends to make sure performance stays on track. We worry about the details and the day-to-day so that clients can turn their attention to other matters. Our oversight ensures that problems are addressed. Our insights identify opportunities to improve results and increase success.

For investors, lenders, fund sponsors and city and state housing finance agencies, TCAM provides long-term oversight, risk mitigation and reporting services at both the asset and investment levels.

  • Example: On behalf of a large bank, TCAM monitors the lease-up and operations of affordable housing investments. The client has a large staff and a wide array of assets under management. But it also has promising new business opportunities. TCAM’s services allow the client to access affordable housing expertise for its portfolio without adding staff or distracting employees from much more pressing – and rewarding – activities.
  • Example: TCAM provides asset management, workout and disposition services for a large insurance company that has outsourced asset management of its direct tax credit investment portfolio. In outsourcing the responsibilities to TCAM, the client reduced its administrative expenses and gained access to a broader set of skills to maintain and improve investment performance.

For owners, TCAM provides day-to-day oversight of property managers and property operations. We are part of the owner’s team in developing the plans for the assets and following up on all details so that the plan, and the manager, stay on track. We collect and analyze the operating data so the client has a clear picture of property operations at all times.

  • Example: On behalf of a national owner and developer, TCAM is working closely with property management firms managing a large portfolio of properties across the country to improve operations and asset performance. At a fraction of the cost of hiring its own staff for the purpose, the client’s Director of Asset Management has timely, high-quality information on the portfolio and ready access to TCAM’s affordable housing expertise and resources.

For subordinate lenders, TCAM provides loan administration and analytical services so that the lenders can both ensure compliance on the part of borrowers and improve collections on their loans.

  • Example: TCAM works with a city agency with a large portfolio of subordinate loans  provided to affordable rental housing properties, collecting and analyzing data on the loans, properties and borrowers, risk rating the loans, and determining amounts due to the city from cash flow and residual proceeds.

For guarantors, TCAM monitors and measures risk and identifies ways to improve performance and mitigate risk.

  • Example: On behalf of a major financial institution, TCAM shadows the asset management of a large portfolio of affordable housing tax credit properties to minimize the risk of claims on the client’s guarantees. TCAM’s independent collection and analysis of financial data from the properties provides the client with clear information on exposure and identifies opportunities to improve the client’s position.