Risk Mitigation

Risk MitigationWe’re on your team, enhancing your control.

TCAM scrutinizes underperforming assets so that clients can better understand the fundamental issues associated with their investments and assess their exposure. TCAM’s focus helps clients move problems towards resolution and the focus itself often leads to improved performance. TCAM analyzes operations, incentives, and market conditions in-depth and on an ongoing basis. We identify opportunities for improved performance and steps the client should take to protect or improve its assets.

  • Example: On behalf of a large bank, TCAM scrutinizes performance of loans on the watchlist. The client receives expert analysis and advice on the subset of its assets that need a more focused effort than the servicer or client’s staff can provide. With TCAM’s help, the client can prepare for potential defaults and take other steps to reduce risk. TCAM’s analysis also provides the data that allows the client to remove loans from the watchlist, provide more accurate measurements of exposure, and readily meet its extensive reporting requirements.
  • Example: On behalf of a major financial institution, TCAM shadows the asset management of a large portfolio of affordable housing tax credit properties guaranteed by the client. TCAM’s independent collection and analysis of financial data from the properties provides the client with clear information on exposure and identifies opportunities to improve the client’s position.