Testimonials from Previous TCAM AM Seminar Participants:

“The TCAM Asset Management training was very instrumental to my current role as a Senior Compliance Manager. After the training I was able to utilize the knowledge to assist with developing a new compliance unit. I would strongly recommend this training to anyone in the property management and/or affordable housing development industries.”

Thia Wellington-Gardner, Senior Compliance Manager
Association of New York Catholic Homes

“The TCAM asset management training was extremely valuable and it helped deepen my knowledge of LIHTC asset management. The training was very thorough and touched all aspects of the process from compliance, financial analysis, data management, and reporting and I was able to apply what I learned in real-time to my work. Additionally, I was able to expand my network within the industry with other participants in my class. I highly recommend the training to anyone new to the LIHTC asset class or interested in a refining their existing processes.”

Carolyn Paz, Credit Analyst
First Republic Bank

“I attended TCAM’s asset management training with a finance background but with less than two months’ experience in the LIHTC field. The training was helpful in explaining the fundamentals of asset management through great instructors and exercises relevant to the work I’ve encountered since the training. Also, the opportunity to interact with asset managers throughout the country allowed me to understand the perspectives and issues asset managers representing various stakeholders face.”

Eric Tsai, Asset Manager
Eden Housing

“It was a wonderful experience to be a part of TCAM’s asset management training. I had no previous asset management experience prior to taking this training…The real life examples and the useful materials I was able to bring back to Idaho with me were invaluable! I have been a firm believer that in order to successfully manage you have to be able to measure, and what is measured will always improve what you manage. TCAM’s staff are extraordinary, very professional and made me feel comfortable in all phases of the training! I am looking forward to taking another class!”

Jeff Holmes, Housing Compliance Auditor
Idaho Housing and Finance Association

“The TCAM Asset Management class fills a gap. There isn’t any other training out there that is geared specifically towards asset management. I think the training provides a great foundation for anyone new in the industry. It also provides a great opportunity for experienced Asset Managers to learn more about best practices.”

Karin Moore, Asset Manager
SunTrust Community Capital, LLC

“Early in 2015 three CFG Community Development colleagues with a wide range of tax credit and real estate experience participated in TCAM’s two day training session. It was a great opportunity for applied problem solving as well as formal guidance on industry best practices. Exposure to other industry professionals with different roles provided for rich conversations.”

Amy W. Farrell, Senior Vice President -Community Development Lending and Investment
Citizens Bank, N.A.

“I really enjoyed the TCAM Asset Management training. TCAM staff was very knowledgeable. I found it informative for anyone wanting to learn more about the role and proven practices of an Asset Manager in the affordable housing industry. The materials were thorough, with specific examples showing the importance of Asset Management in the property life cycle. Also, the small class size allowed all participants to interact with each other and the TCAM staff.”

Erica D. Etterling, Portfolio Compliance Manager, Housing Finance and Development Division
Georgia Department of Community Affairs

“This training was a great opportunity to learn and network with my peers in the affordable housing industry. It was especially helpful to have asset managers from the developer, lender and investor sectors in a small group, sharing perspectives and focusing on the goals of each sector.”

Sandy Burgess, Asset Manager
Tacoma Housing Authority

“As the Deputy Commissioner at the NYC Department of Housing Preservation and Development’s Office of Asset and Property Management, the TCAM training provided me with a great opportunity to meet with industry peers and explore new models in an evolving Asset Management industry. The instructors were personable, articulate and engaging. I was particularly interested in the Year 15 session and the valuation metrics as New York City is grappling with this issue in a hot real estate market while striving to protect long term affordability. I would recommend this training to both new, intermediate and experienced Asset Managers.”

Deputy Commissioner
NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

“My experience with TCAM was excellent, and exceeded expectations. Your asset management training and instructors struck just the right balance between addressing the breadth of complex issues, but also delved more deeply into critical areas like taxes, financial analysis, and regulations. The training was comprehensive, well-paced, engaging, and in a setting that kept participants engaged. And as I had only recently started my position at the time of the training, this was an excellent crash course in asset management for affordable housing.”

Director of Asset Management
NYC Department of Housing Preservation & Development

“In September 2014, I participated in TCAM’s two day asset management training in Boston. Since I was still relatively new to the field of asset management, it was helpful to learn from industry leaders and get their perspectives on best practices, processes, and common issues in asset management. It was also a good opportunity to connect with other members of the industry and share ideas.”

Noelle Humphries, Project Manager
Preservation of Affordable Housing (POAH)

“I found taking the 1.5-day TCAM training program very productive and rewarding. It was a well-constructed program that provided not only an excellent overview of the role of Asset Management in the LIHTC industry, but also many practical concepts, coupled with real-life examples and materials, to help me understand how to effectively manage a property. Another part of the program that I really enjoyed was hearing numerous anecdotes and the latest nuances of the industry from the instructors who are all seasoned industry experts and more than willing to share their experiences and knowledge with us. I learned so much in the program and I truly enjoyed it!”

Portfolio Management
Large Bank & LIHTC Investor

“TCAM delivered an engaging and valuable training experience that succeeded in equipping me with the essential understanding of the crucial role an Asset Manager plays in the everyday success of our LIHTC properties. The training was exceptional in the sense that it provided both a broad overview of the LIHTC industry, and what we as Asset Managers need to understand and manage in order to provide the expected returns to our investors. The team providing the training was incredibly knowledgeable and confident in the content presented. This was a great experience that has provided me with the resources and tools to take our Asset Management Department to the next level.”

Dana Patterson, Director of Asset Management
Alco Management, Inc.

“I went to the TCAM Asset Manager training in September, 2015. The training space was the perfect design and size for our classes. The teachers were all very knowledgeable and taught in a very engaging way. Their style made the material easy to digest and promote group discussion. The group discussions were very important because the problems we were trying to solve were current actual problems that asset managers face. Being able to ask the teachers and other students about different solutions to different problems was the best part of the class.”

Craig Stenson, Asset Manager

“The TCAM Asset Management training was packed with gap filling and refresher information presented by knowledgeable staff members in well-paced sessions. I also took away experiences learned from other asset managers and a huge binder containing course material for future reference. Two days well spent!”

Arlene Curley, Asset Manager
Michel Associates Ltd.

“The TCAM asset management training program provided a comprehensive overview of the role and responsibilities of our asset management staff. The wealth of knowledge shared by multiple talented presenters allowed for a rich exchange with and among attendees. The relationships commenced subsequent to training with attendees and TCAM staff provided me and my organization with valuable resources to assist in future problem solving and decision making.”

Gayle Harrold, Chief Financial Officer
Madison Park Development Corporation