Cash Flow Optimizers for Owners and Developers

Posted on December 18, 2013

Experienced owner/developers in today’s multifamily rental housing market, seeking to diversify their sources of revenue, are looking beyond development fees. As a result, owner/developers are focusing on maximizing the cash flow of their stabilized portfolios more than ever and some are turning to TCAM’s low-cost cash flow optimization services to achieve their goals.


Cash Flow Optimization

In addition to providing independent asset management and consulting services, TCAM provides a host of cash flow maximizing services to owner/developers including the following:


    • Portfolio assessment and recommendations on cash flow optimizing strategies;
    • Rent positioning advice and market analysis;
    • Analysis of Section 8 rent levels, real estate taxes, insurance and utilities including identifying alternative   lower-cost options or efficiencies and examining utility allowances; and
    • Disposition and refinancing due diligence, analysis and closing.


To learn more about how TCAM can help your organization maximize the cash flow of your portfolio, contact Steve Spall ( and Allen Feliz ( — (617) 542-1200.

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