TCAM Announces Growth in Year 15 Services

Posted on September 9, 2014

TCAM Announces Growth in Year 15 Services

BOSTON, MA – TCAM announced today that it is now providing Year 15 services to a growing list of clients. TCAM is a leading investment manager and consultant in the affordable housing industry. In addition to providing on-going asset management services to owners, investors, lenders, guarantors, syndicators and housing agencies and authorities, TCAM is now helping clients address opportunities and challenges that arise as investments complete their initial 15 years of tax credit compliance.

TCAM helps clients work through the many complex financial, partnership and tax issues associated with maturing LIHTC transactions so they can achieve the best results for all stakeholders. Current clients include LIHTC investors, owner/developers and lenders. Transactions recently completed or underway involve 17 properties in 11 states. Completed transactions include general partner buy-outs of investor interests and property sales.

TCAM ( provides asset management and consulting services for investors, syndicators, owners, lenders, housing finance agencies and authorities and guarantors. Overall, TCAM has provided services to clients for over 940 properties comprising 135,000 apartment units in 46 states, Washington, D.C., and Puerto Rico, representing in excess of $6.6 billion of client capital. “Many clients do not have the time or staff to handle the increasing number of Year 15 opportunities,” said TCAM CEO Jenny Netzer. “TCAM helps clients understand their options and expedite transactions that might otherwise take years.”

TCAM is owned by QuietStream Financial ( QuietStream Financial’s companies provide alternative asset management services and structured finance products for real estate borrowers, financial institutions and investors.

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